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Two Successful Habeas Corpus Petition Examples

Case #1 I represented a lawful permanent resident client first on appeal of whether or not the client was convicted of an ‘aggravated felony’ for immigration purposes. My client was unlawfully deported from the Stewart Detention Center while the appeal was pending which is illegal. The Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed the appeal because the client was deported. I did not give […]

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Habeas Corpus for Immigrants: How Can it Help?

Habeas Corpus is a civil case filed by an inmate, or by someone whose rights are, or will be harmed by a conviction and is constructively or actually detained as a result. It is filed in an appropriate court to test the legality of a conviction, usually not to test guilt or innocence. The use of the writ […]

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Immigration Reform: Quote of the Month

“As for the 4 million people who will benefit from the DHS Directive, Congress has taken several steps to curtail the reunification of undocumented immigrants and their documented family members. The undocumented parent of a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident generally can stay in the United States only by (i) waiting until their child […]

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Obama’s Options for Immigration Reform: Expand Deferred Action, Expand Parole In Place, and Ignore Kris Kobach!

Recently President Obama said that he would no longer pursue immigration reform after John Boehner said he will not put a comprehensive immigration reform bill up for definitive vote in the House of Representatives. Instead, he said that he will expand ‘administrative immigration reform.’ This blog is to explore for the reader what the author […]

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Republicans’ Principles on Immigration

Are the House Republicans Just Being Wined and Dined by The Prison Industrial Complex, Or Are House Republicans Truly Serious About Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform In the Near Future?   Copyright Peter Reed Hill 2014.  All rights reserved. The following is the Attorney’s reaction to the January 30th release of the Republican Party’s so called “Principles on Immigration.” […]

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Nancy Grace Lost a Case

Nancy Grace versus “The Shish Kebob Defense” Note: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 21! It contains explicit material, and is not intended for children. This was my first jury trial since graduating from Emory Law School. My success in this case clearly sent me a message that trial law is the field […]

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My Masterpiece in Deportation Defense

As my masterpiece deportation case, I have chosen this one although there are several others which could qualify. This case, along with others, makes me proud to be a “little man’s lawyer”. This case demonstrates how the current U.S. immigration laws are much too harsh and anti-family. In this particular deportation case, I was able […]

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